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Madrista is available since several years in some beautiful specialty shops in the south of the Netherlands,
located between Maastricht and Vaals
Each shop has its own collection tailored to their own target group.
A visit to these beautiful shops is definitely worth it.






Rijk 14

RIJK14 | stylish, elegant, comfortable, innovative fashion that graces you| beautiful feminine always fits!

This ladies’ fashion store is located in Gulpen and sells brands that can not be found on every corner of the street.
Eline, the owner is such a lovely lady and she gives you the best styling advice.
In the winter season you can shop also Madrista in her shop.

I really love this shop.

Rijk 14

Schoenmode Wechseler



Schoenmode Wechseler

Good shoes take you to good places.

The 3rd and 4th generation are now working in the family business in Valkenburg where craft, expertise and quality are central.
Because of their passion for shoes, they are always looking for
beautiful shoes with a good fit.

Just walk in and “experience” their shoes & shop Madrista’s handmade hats.

Schoenmode Wechseler